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The City of Columbus, through the Department of Development

and in partnership with the Neighborhood Design Center (NDC),

is accepting submissions from small businesses in urban

corridors to receive a one-time grant of $15,000 for design

services and implementation of exterior improvements.

Once the business owner is on board, the NDC will provide design concepts and facilitate support from the applicable neighborhood review board (Area Commission) and approval from the City's departments. Implementation includes cost estimation,

material procurement, volunteer coordination, and contractor(s).


Scroll to see the application process, the eligibility requirements,

preferred qualifications, and the Power of One application form.


Process Infographic 2024


  • Located in the City of Columbus

  • Businesses must be current on city taxes

  • Must be in business for 1-year

  • For-Profit business


  • Located in Opportunity Neighborhood

  • MBE, WBE, Veteran-Owned, LGBTQIA-owned, or other minority-certified business

  • Ability to provide volunteer labor for implementation

  • Have not received funds from City/DoD Programs (i.e. NCR)

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Improvements I am are interested in

I have the ability to provide volunteers to help with implementation

In addition to this form, please send a letter of interest to The letter should be up to 500 words and can be in the language of origin.

If renting, please submit a letter of support from the property owner. Download the template here.

 Application closes at 5pm on July 3rd, 2023.

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