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Here, you will find Power of One Program grantees and the range of exterior improvements implemented with support from invested business owners, the Neighborhood Design Center, and the City of Columbus.

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these awesome local businesses.


Josie's Pizza

A local pizzeria and bar serving Columbus since 1959 with a newly updated, Italian-inspired outdoor seating area located at 894 W. Broad Street in Columbus


Fish Burger

A local restaurant specializing in Southern food that has grown from a home business, to a food truck, and now a stand-alone restaurant at 1808 E. Livingston Ave. in Columbus

7_23 Shrimp Lips

Shrimp Lips

A local, family-owned seafood restaurant focusing on Southern, Cajun seafood cuisine located at 1622 Parsons Ave. in Columbus

19.08.05_huarache rendering.jpg
7_23 WAV_edited.jpg

El Huarache


Specializing in Mexican street food, this local Taco truck with is located at W. Broad St & N. Wheatland Ave in Columbus

This non-profit turns communities' conversations into art through a variety of workshops at 1327 Sullivant Ave. in Columbus


Ava's Taste of
the Caribbean

This local gem serves authentic Caribbean cuisine at  2836 W Broad St. in Columbus


Sol Y Luna

Experience a change in the look at this bilingual hair salon serving all ages at  5810 Emporium Square in Columbus.


Spicy Cup Bakery

Formerly Panaderia Guadalupana, this bakery specializes hand-made Mexican pastries at 1977 East Dublin-Granville Rd. in Columbus

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